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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

I am the CEO & Founder of Brinx Co. Currently wrapping up my college career, I consider myself an avid mental health activist focusing on the importance of speaking up. As a collegiate athlete, pressure for all can be exposed in the classroom, on the court, field or ice and can reflect on daily activities. Not only for athletes, but society in general. It remains so important to know how valued you are. 

As a result, I have started Brinx Co. as a back bone of mens health conveying the struggles many endeavor. Having a midwestern twist, we allow this fictional world to be a gateway for ourselves. Each product purchased will result in a percentage going towards mental health organizations across the country in support of individuals struggling. 

I thoroughly believe each cowboy belongs somewhere, wherever that may be. I am strongly looking forward to being on this ride with you. 

Peri J. MacDonald

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